Monday, November 4, 2013

About Me

I'm a freelance designer currently able to take on some additional design responsibilities. Please email me using the link to the left under my photo....let's talk!

I am currently a Design Expert for Echo Park Paper Company where I create projects and tutorials for their blog and various social media outreach, as well as, create samples for display at the industry trade shows.

In the recent past I served as a Brand Ambassador for Fiskars, working in a Lead Fiskateer role co-managing an online community called The Fiskateers. I also found great joy in contributing design work to Fiskars for their online content in my position with them as a Crafting Expert--allowing me to create projects and write articles featuring feature Fiskars tools and products.

I formerly designed project samples for Karen Foster Design for display in their booth at the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) trade shows on a bi-annual basis. In addition to my role with Karen Foster Design, I created project samples and video tutorials for Little Yellow Bicycle on a monthly basis for several years. I have a self-authored e-book series available known as the Beautifully Handmade series. I'm a former member of The Story Matters design team, SRM Stickers design team, Daisy D's Paper Co. design team and the editorial team at Scrapsupply where I served for 3 years in which my main duty was to create online tutorials for the monthly newsletter.

I have 3 books in print; Circle Journals, Pens & Needles, and Go Figure: Scrapbooking with Numbers, all published by Pinecone Press.

I love to make things beautifully handmade---making something from nothing. My style is very reflective of that, without looking crafty or homespun. My style can also be considered fresh and comfortable, polished and not forced, and technique driven with a strong focus on layering products. I love to use products in unexpected ways, while following design principles without looking overly graphic or linear.

I absolutely love to take on new challenges and push my creative limits. There really isn't anything that I am not willing to tackle as a designer.

And now that we're past all that professional design stuff, a bit about me personally:

My name is Tania (that's pronounced tahn-ya for those of you unsure). I'm a 37-year-old wife of nearly 20 years to my husband Doug and together we have two spunky princesses. One quirky 13-year-old girl. One ornery 10-year-old girl. I'm a lover of lowercase typing & coffee flavored icecream. I wear flip-flops year round even when it's snowing and the smell of bacon makes me gag. I'm all about pretty stationery, being frugal and the color red. I used to have the nickname 'karate kid' but am sadly out of practice and unable to prove why. let's just say the only black belt around my waist now is on my jeans. In my dreams I have a perfectly organized house, but reality it's organized chaos and makes me only slightly neurotic.

I'm extremely curious and ask a lot of questions, but usually forget the answer just minutes later. Don't mistake this for lack of being genuine, I just like to believe it's because I need to exercise my short-term memory just a bit more. I loathe shopping & the smell of fruit flavored chewing gum. Baking is my go-to stress relief and cleaning too--as long as there aren't two girls un-pretty-ing (yes, it's a word) everything I just made pretty.

I'm moved & inspired by sight and sound, and have fallen in love with indie/pop music. I guard family time with my heart and can't resist browsing thrift stores or flea markets for decorating treasures. I'm undeniably loyal, but indescribably sensitive. I long to connect with people on a deeper level, and being able to share my thoughts uninhibited without judgement. And I'm pretty sure I'll love you all with the fact that I love myself a good peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich. It's delicious, I promise.

You can view my personal blog here: Tania Willis blog
You can view a small collection of my work here: Tutorials & Videos

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Teaching Experience

Design Expert, Echo Park Paper Co., 2014 & 2015 Team
Lead Fiskateer, Fiskars Americas, July 2012 - December 2013
Crafting Expert, Fiskars Americas, 2011, 2012 & 2013
Online Instructor, Embellishments: Beautifully Handmade, In Loving Memory, Cards: Beautifully Handmade and Scrapbooking with Fabric for Get It Scrapped!
Demonstrator, CHA for Fiskars Americas
Demonstrator, CHA Winter, CHA Summer, Memory Trends for Daisy Ds Paper Co.
Online Tutorial Instructor, Scrapsupply October 2006- 2009
Guest Instructor, ScrapMania (Hagerstown, MD) Summer 2006
Guest Instructor, ScrappersAnonymous Second Annual Crop Event (Manchester, NH) Summer 2005
Guest Instructor, ScrapMania (Hagerstown, MD) Summer 2005
Scrapbook Instructor, Scrappers Delight Scrapbook Superstore, April 2005-July 2005
Scrapbook Instructor, ScrapHappy Scrapbook Shop, March 2002 - July 2004


Authored Publications:

Embellishments: Beautifully Handmade
e-book (Get It Scrapped! 2010)

Cards: Beautifully Handmade
e-book (Get It Scrapped! 2010)

Scrapbooking with Fabric
e-book (Get It Scrapped! 2010)

In Loving Memory
e-book (Get It Scrapped! 2010)

Go Figure, Scrapbooking with Numbers
Co-Author (Pinecone Press, April 2007)

Pens and Needles
Co-Author (Pinecone Press, October 2006)

Circle Journals
Author (Pinecone Press, March 2005)

Contributor Publications:


Premiere Issue, Summer 2004 "Motherhood Circle Journal" "Gratitude" "Love you"

Fall/Winter 2004 Issue "Altered Altoid Tin/AOL tin Article" "Seasons of Love" "Happy Birthday Card" "Baby Congratulations Card"

Spring 2005 Issue "Flower Card" "Rubber Duckie"

Creating Keepsakes

May 2008 Issue "The Stuff that Matters" 2 Page Layout, pg 76


upcoming 2011 Issue "Altered Birdhouse"
Design Originals

Big Bad Brads (Jan 2007) "Am I Cute, or What?" Layout

DRG Publishing

Paperworks, 101 Papercraft Gift Ideas Book (July 2005) "Turning 50 Tag Book" "Happy Birthday Accordian Book" "Icecream Paint Can"

Contributing Designer, Junkitz Unbuttoned (February 2005) "Amazing" "Irresistable" "Grandpa" "My Favorite Things" "Style" "Observation" "Undeniably YOU"


December 2004 Issue "Journey"

The Best of 2007 - "Journey"

Memory Makers

Memory Makers Quick & Easy Idea Book (April 2005) "Hush, Hush Moon"

December 2006 Issue - "I am Thankful" layout

March 2005 Issue "Baby Announcement"

Paper Made Easy

June 2006 Issue
"4th of July tag" "Mom's Recipe Clipboard"

August 2006 Issue "Thank you Card"

October 2006 Issue
"Brave Little Knight Card" "Friends Through Thick & Thin Card" "Birthday Wishes Card"

February 2007 Issue "Valentine Tag Set"

April 2007 Issue "Easter Tag Set"

June 2007 Issue "Belated Birthday Card"

Paper Trends
Feb/March 2005 Issue "Miss U Card" "Trust Card" "Love You Card" "I Adore You Library Pocket Card"

June/July 2006 Issue
"Happy Birthday Card" "My Love Card"

October 2006 Issue
"Road Trip" Mini Album
Feb/March 2007 Issue "Be Mine" Card
Pinecone Press Books

Be Mine Book (January 2008)
"Can We Get Married" Layout "I Love Her" Layout "I Love you Emma Gracers" Layout "Eskimo Kisses" Layout "Words Cannot Express" Layout "Friend Like U" Layout "Object of Her Affection" Layout "Together" Layout "Love" Card

Blanks Book ( May 2005) "Altered Family Puzzle"

Friends & Flowers Card Book (June 2005) "Girl Talk" "Giggle" "Hi" "To You" "Pink Posey"

Summer Card Book (July 2005) "Day at the Park" "Enjoy your Trip"

Fallidays Card Book (Oct 2005) "With a Thankful Heart" "Let's Go Pickin''

Love Notes 2 Card Book (Jan 2006)"S.W.A.K." "Tic Tac Toe" "Key to my Heart" "I Love You" "Love U" "My Heart Belongs to You" "Love Notes" "Bunches of Love" "Luv U so much" "Love You"
Birthday Celebrations Book (April 2006) - 2 cards

Celebrating Freedom Book (June 2006) - "4th of July" layout "Freedom" layout "Celebrating Freedom" card "USA" card

Scrapbooks, Etc
July 2006 Issue "Baby Girl LO" special assignment

Scrap & Stamp Arts
December 2004 Issue "Totally Spoiled" "Believe in Christmas Magic" "Happy Holidays Reindeer" "Seasons Greetings"

March 2005 Issue
"American Girl" "Potty Training" "Embrace" Kit Club Review Article part 1

April 2005 Issue
Kit Club Review Article part 2 "Lovebug" "Congratulations Baby Card"

Just Cards, Vol 1
- "Library Pocket Thank You"

Just Cards, Vol 2
"Praying for You" "Smile, things will get better" "Sorry I missed your Birthday"

Just Cards, Vol 3
"Best of show, Congrats"

Scrapbook Trends
Creatable Cards & Tags Idea Book (February 2005) "Hand in Hand Card" "Thank you Card" "Baby Boy Congratulations Card" "Hello Friend Card" "Miss You Card" "Thanks! Card"

April Issue (2011) "You & Me" Layout

Design Teams

Echo Park Paper Co.
Design Expert
2014 & 2015

Crafting Expert
2011 - 2013

Lead Fiskateer
July 2012 - current

Little Yellow Bicycle
Design Team Member
2008 - 2013

Karen Foster Design
Design Team Member
2005 - 2013

The Story Matters
March 2010 - March 2011, 1 year term

SRM Stickers
2010 - 2011, 1 year term
2011 - 2012, Emeritus member

Good Grief Blog
Contributing Designer
2009 - 2010

Get It Scrapped!
2009 - 2011

Daisy Ds Paper Company
Design Team Member
2005 - 2008

Design & Editorial Team Member
2006 - 2009

Contests & Additional Credentials

  • Artwork on Educational Flyers at Joann Fabrics & Crafts for Fiskars
  • Artwork on Packaging for Fiskars Fuse Creativity System
  • Artwork on Mass Postcard Mailing for Daisy Ds (Spring 2007)
  • Artwork on Product Packaging for Daisy Ds Lullaby Collection Mini-book Kit
  • Catalog Artwork for Daisy Ds Attic Heirloom Collection
  • Catalog Artwork for Daisy Ds Gypsy Harvest Collection
  • Catalog Artwork for Karen Foster Design
  • Catalog Artwork for Little Yellow Bicycle
  • Print Advertisement Artwork for Karen Foster Design
  • Print Advertisement Artwork for Daisy Ds paper company
  • Artwork appearing at Hobby Lobby on behalf of Fiskars
  • Artwork appearing at Michael's for AdvantEdge Interchangeable Border Punch System for Fiskars
  • Artwork appearing at on behalf of Karen Foster Design and Daisy Ds paper company
  • Artwork appearing at on behalf of Karen Foster Design
  • Artwork appearing at on behalf of Karen Foster Design
  • Artwork on display in various booths at CHA Winter 2005 (Atlanta), CHA Summer 2005 (Chicago), Memory Trends 2005 (Las Vegas), CHA Winter 2006 (Las Vegas), CHA Summer 2006 (Chicago), Memory Trends 2006, CHA Winter 2007 (Anaheim), CHA Summer 2007 (Chicago), Memory Trends 2007 (Las Vegas), CHA Winter 2008 (Anaheim), CHA Summer 2008 (Chicago), CHA Winter 2009 (Anaheim), CHA Summer 2009 (Orlando), CHA Winter 2010 (Anaheim), CHA Summer 2010 (Chicago), CHA Winter 2011 (Anaheim), CHA 2012 (Anaheim), CHA 2013 (Anaheim), CHA 2014 (Anaheim), CHA 2015 (Anaheim)
  • Guest Designer, Homegrown Scrapbooks Feb 2006 (
  • Guest Designer, (December 2005)
  • "Junkitz Unbuttoned" Contributing Designer Contest Winner
  • ScribblesOnline February 2004 Layout Contest Winner
  • Guest Designer, Fiskars (Christmas Wreath Tutorial 2009)
  • Guest Designer, Pink Paislee (January 2010)